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Chris Sisarich + 2muchachos

Chris Sisarich’s photo series ‘Somewhere In The Middle of Nowhere’ hits Los Angeles, a city built in a desert. The series looks like it could have been anywhere around the world. Like Chris says. “I always dreamt I would sail around the world with my best friend Hamish”.

2muchachos is a musical duo that uses nature for their inspiration. Their track ‘Forest Breath’ is a reflection of the desert wind and the dying land. This tone sets the mood of the images of Chris Sisarich.

Chris Sisarich1

Chris Sisarich2

Chris Sisarich6

Chris Sisarich3

Chris Sisarich4

Chris Sisarich5

Chris Sisarich7

Chris Sisarich8

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Alex Prager + Jessica Curry

Prager creates contrasts in her work by showing hope and lostness. Within these imaginary movie screenshots it reminds us of the cinematic style of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock. “The construction of the images is intentionally loaded” says MoMA curator Roxana Marcoci. “It reminds me of silent movies.

The track “Dear Esther” by Jessica Curry, sounds dark with an ambient scenery. As you can see in the photograph, people are lost in the water. Combined with the melancholic “Dear Esther” we can identify these human emotions.

Curry amplifies the emotional current that speak of a human condition  through Pragers work.

Alex Prager0

Alex Prager1

Alex Prager2

Alex Prager3

Alex Prager4

Alex Prager5

Alex Prager6

Alex Prager7

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Boris Savelev + Purl, Deflektion

Boris Savelev moves us to Russian times and reflects images that pass the light of day. Purl, Deflektion portrays humanistic sounds that feels calm.

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David Black + Tearjerker

David Black speaks with warm sunlight that embraces our body in still motion. Gifted with an unique composition he sets the tone for purity and absence. A relaxed drum roll with a small guitar is played by the most talented men of Canada called Tearjerker.

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Benoit Vollmer + Karl Verkade

Rhythmic patterns are rising from underneath our feet. As we build and breakdown what keeps us protected against the forces of nature. Concrete buildings give emotion to the landscapes of Benoit Vollmer. Go outside and watch the stars at night that dance on Karl Verkade‘s heartfelt composition.

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Artist of the Week – Alison Scarpulla

Photographer Alison Scarpulla understands the strange power and intriguing beauty of decay. She transforms her already beautiful photographs into even more striking images not by Photoshop, but by her own unorthodox sorcery. In order to achieve a desired effect, Scarpulla sometimes uses expired film, while at other times she smears her lens with dirt. Additionally, she has been known to blow smoke on or drip everything from water to acid on negatives. Her unusual experiments make for excitingly unique and especially beautiful images of all things odd and occult.

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Rhi Ellis – Offthesky & Man Watching The Stars

A melodic structure from Offthesky & Man Watching The Stars brings us to the city sights of dramatic vegetation. See the fog is rising from the lands of Rhi Ellis. Our daily circle of life is complete.

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Charlotte Thommes / Snowmine

Lost and separation is a scenario that everyone is experiencing once on their lifetime. Charlotte Thommes gives strong images that only show a black and white emotion we all feel. Falsetto vocals from Snowmine and a soulful bass let us ignite.

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Take a Look

Take a Look is a photo collection of different landscapes from around the world. To see the entire collection click here.

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