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Often times, the line between dreams and reality gets blurred. Such is the case for illustrator Oat Montien. His work tells us stories and the colors carry a message, each shade perfectly coupled to create an ephemeral – and arguably haunting – effect.

Kiersten Holine gives us a sweet tune of melancholy and hope. It reflects our passing and all the pets we leave on this planet.
Oat Montien0

Oat Montien1

Oat Montien2

Oat Montien3

Oat Montien4

Oat Montien5

Oat Montien6

Oat Montien7

Oat Montien8

Oat Montien9

Oat Montien10

Oat Montien11

Oat Montien12

Oat Montien13

Oat Montien14

Oat Montien15

Oat Montien16

Oat Montien17

Oat Montien18

Oat Montien19

Oat Montien20

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The Future Memories series by Catherine Nelson comprises of floating worlds, meticulously composed with thousands of assembled details. Visual poetry, nature photography and digital techniques blend together to give shape to these transcendental landscapes.

Earth, our planet is spinning round on the ambient percussions of Orbit Over Luna.

Catherine Nelson1

Catherine Nelson2

Catherine Nelson3

Catherine Nelson4

Catherine Nelson5

Catherine Nelson6

Catherine Nelson7

Catherine Nelson8

Catherine Nelson9

Catherine Nelson10

Catherine Nelson11

Catherine Nelson12

Catherine Nelson13

Catherine Nelson14

Catherine Nelson15

Catherine Nelson16

Catherine Nelson17

Catherine Nelson18

Catherine Nelson19

Catherine Nelson20

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Jen Mann paints portraiture, but there’s more to her work than a pretty picture. She lists existentialism, innocence and beauty as major themes in her paintings, but the dreaminess of her hues adds a degree of lucidity and realism.

The Flashbulb really describes the fluent motion in the realistic paintings of Jen.

Jen Mann1

Jen Mann2

Jen Mann3

Jen Mann4

Jen Mann5

Jen Mann6

Jen Mann7

Jen Mann8

Jen Mann9

Jen Mann10

Jen Mann11

Jen Mann12

Jen Mann13

Jen Mann14

Jen Mann15

Jen Mann16

Jen Mann17

Jen Mann18

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Hybrid Human by Wanda Koop, explores the constructed notion of artificial life. In these series, tiny solitary figures standing in front of an empty, monochrome screen, that is embedded on a bright yellow or red background. It shows how mediated our experiences are nowadays; contemporary living is dominated by watching screens.

The Caretaker creates loops of piano sounds. The loopings sounds are part of the screens of our daily lifes.

wanda koop1

wanda koop2

wanda koop3

wanda koop4

wanda koop5

wanda koop6

wanda koop7

wanda koop8

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Vasco Torres + flatsound

Shapes, silhouettes and a face in the dark looking at the future. Vasco Torres paints his pictures with thick strokes that brings the object in motion. Dancing on the breaking lifeline of Flatsound.


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Ben Blatt + Glowhouse

If God had a twin brother it would be Ben Blatt. Creations of worlds that speak of a divine peace of mind. Humble and yet so strikingly powerful. Again Glowhouse keeps us dazed and confused within their guitars that sounds like an orchestra of demons.

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John Stortz + Lord Huron

The great animals of John Stortz speak to me in a peacefull way, that it is ok lay down, and let them take care of us. Lord Huron sets the mood with his ambient soundscape of bewilderment.

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Spencer Herr + Noah Gundersen

Look into the eyes of a dear called Spencer Herr and you find yourself falling from grace. Faces that look familiar are transplanted on the animals that are around us. We are one we are Noah Gundersen.

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Pat Perry + Wind In Sails

Pat Perry paints pictures that show the insides of our inner thoughts. What he learns is documented in every scenery he creates with great detail. A deep voice reaches our ears that is filled with the warm compositions of Wind In Sails.

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