Construct of the Mind combines music and art into one experience. We are exploring the behaviour of art when it is mixed with music. One’s sound can complement one’s visual. Like math one plus one equals two. We are based in the Netherlands in a small town called The Hague city. Construct of the Mind consists out of two individuals Edmund Bambang and Dave Djoparto.

Our goal is to share that what inspires us and resonates through various art, under the great influence of independent musicians from around the globe. We felt that we cannot keep it to our selfs but share our interests and things that we find. Primarily we want to support these artists and give them credit.

2 responses to “About

  1. Great idea for a blog, guys! I could only say that visiting Montreux jazz festival each year, I’ve come to realise music + visual arts breaks the rule by showing (sometimes) that 1 +1 > 2
    Good luck with your blog!

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