To label Ellen Rogers solely as a photographer would be inadequate. A true artist, she wields a camera, color, human subjects, and dream-like narratives and compiles all the elements into a single image. Her work is equal parts mystical, dark, and beautiful.

Sea Oleena‘s ambient music and swirling voice are representing the dark tone in the dresses of Rogers.

Ellen Rogers1

Ellen Rogers2

Ellen Rogers3
Ellen Rogers4
Ellen Rogers5
Ellen Rogers6
Ellen Rogers7
Ellen Rogers8

Ellen Rogers9
Ellen Rogers10
Ellen Rogers11
Ellen Rogers12

Ellen Rogers13

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Filed under Music, Photography

2 responses to “ELLEN ROGERS + SEA OLEENA

  1. Very preraphaelite. Ophelia upon Ophelia )

  2. These are true images , For me , the less classical portrait they are the more they tell a story to me. The first , 7,8 and 9 . are my favorite ones , greating, Bart

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