Artist of the Week – Raumlaborberlin

Raumlaborberlin is a group of architects that combines experimental and participatory working methods with striking designs. They are drawn to overlooked or undeveloped spaces of towns and cities and develop tools to activate them. These tools often emerge as temporary or mobile structures.
Spacebuster, for example, is an inflatable space in the back of a truck. It toured sites in New York, where it was set up and used as the base for meetings, neighborhood events, parties and workshops. As in all their work, Spacebuster combines an awareness and interest in the politics of urban spaces, investigating the transformation of such places and developing new perspectives and alternative proposals for architecture and urban planning.

The Big Crunch
This is a recycled building made entirely from trash. An absurdest take on recycling and architecture, the building is made from anything the builders can get their hands on, such as fridges, cardboard, used furniture, washing machines, mirrors, etc.

On September 21 and 22 they will exhibit their work in our hometown The Hague, The Netherlands, at TodaysArt Festival 2012.

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